Buddy Bear Campaign

The Piza E Vino Buddy Bear Campaign in proud collaboration with the Teddy Bear Foundation

Donate R100 to give a teddy a home and a child a friend.

When visiting some of our Piza Ē Vino restaurants, you will find yourself sitting next to a table of furry friends, Buddy and his adorable family. Our giant teddy bears are here to guarantee social distancing rules. As our patrons start to come out to grab a bite to eat at their favourite pizzeria, Buddy and the squad are there to give them a warm welcome.

There is something more special than just applying social distancing. As gender-based violence and abuse against children continue to increase during the lockdown restrictions, select Piza Ē Vino restaurants have partnered with The Teddy Bear Foundation to give these teddies a home once the social distancing regulations have been lifted – that is after a good scrub of course. We are extending the opportunity to our customers to get involved to donate R100 that will buy a vulnerable child a brand-new furry friend in their time of need.

A teddy bear is an iconic symbol of safety and friendship, we at Piza Ē Vino want to pass that feeling onto our nation’s children – giving them a soft confidant to hug and hold onto. It is a bonus that we can extend that playful feeling to our customers in our Piza Ē Vino restaurants and get the conversation started around helping the children at the Teddy Bear Foundation.

To get involved reach out and send us a DM on our social media platforms:
Instagram @piza_e_vino
Facebook @pizaevino