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Big Chef

Big Chef

Big Chef.

Matteo lives by the Italian principles of simplicity, love & food; combining those to passionately express yourself to those around you. With food being the centre of Italian culture, he prides himself on his traditional expertise and skills. Born and raised in the gorgeous streets of Italy, Matteo has been making artisanal pizza for many years and has a sincere love for it.

As our brand’s mentor and the ‘big chef’ he works closely with our Group Executive Chef to develop seasonal recipes that move our customers to the streets of Italy.

The Breakdown.

Napoli Style Pizza

Our rustic and traditional style pizza. A thin and soft crust that bubbles up. Traditionally having more sauce than cheese this leaves the middle of the pizza moister. Minimal ingredients allowed.

Funky Dessert

Have you heard? We are now stocking Paul’s Homemade Ice-cream in all Gauteng stores! Every flavour is made in small batches with fresh milk, full cream, eggs and sugar, high-quality ingredients and a total absence of synthetic additives and chemicals. This is what ice-cream is supposed to taste like.

Summer Menu 2019

Summertime is almost here, and our Executive Group Chef has been working on developing some fresh, new dishes for this sunny time of the year. We will be launching our new seasonal menu soon.

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Wine Makers Pick.

Water of life

Wine is a cornerstone of Italian culture, especially when coupled with a delicious meal. Working with the wine makers themselves, we have compiled a select batch of wines that we especially love, to ensure the perfect style and quality of wine.

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Amid the seductive city of Joburg, you can encounter the local essence of The City of Gold. Vino is a bar perfect for many occasions and times of the day, whether you are looking to have a day drink or two, early evening sundowners or a rogue time out into the late hours of the evening.

A swanky cocktail bar in Melrose Arch

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Our Story.

Because Italian food is not a trend. It’s a way of life.

We have a love for simple fresh food, cooked in a traditional way of using authentic methods. Piza ē Vino’s food is rigorously Italian healthy and creative through this simplicity we believe that a winning formula has been discovered. Let your taste buds that long for great Italian food bring you to Piza ē Vino for that experience you have been longing for.

Italy draws you to thinking of playfully slurping up a bowl of spaghetti ragu and getting stuck in a steamy pizza with the perfect blend of the freshest harvested ingredients and a sacred/ age old recipe to develop the perfect pizza base. Of course, there are the additional thoughts of washing everything down with some vino and driving in the streets of Italy on your Vespa.